Virtual Reality Wallet

Our Virtual Reality Wallet is live for Android Devices
Users of all NFTs in the virtual reality game world will be able to send and receive from our NFT Section of this wallet.This wallet is already Multichain Wallet supported.Users can transfer and receive tokens of any chain here.From the swaping function, users can swap any BEP20 Chain with our own utility and governance tokens.
Multi-Chain Wallet
VRWallet supports multi-chain including Binance Smart Chain,Ethereum,Tron and Polygon. You can manage your wallets of different chain easily
Our wallet supporting swapping. User can swap BEP20 token with other BEP20 token by one click. No swapping fees is taking by our wallet. VR Wallet uses Pencakeswap router for swapping
Virtual Reality Games offers couple of earning way. Staking is one of them. User can earn profit by staking their token.
VR Wallet is not limited to token management. VRWallet also supports NFTs management, user can manage their NFT's from the Wallet.